Body By Darin

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I'm Darin Michael the founder of
Body By Darin  Personal Training Nutrition Studio, located in Caldwell New Jersey. Over the past 20 years I have prided myself in understanding the health, fitness and nutritional challenges women and men face throughout their lives and make it my number one priority to solve them. I have created a friendly completely private, upscale one on one Training Studio atmosphere you will just love!

   Over the years I have experimented with many exercise, diet and detox programs, what I have found is excellent programs for fitness models and bodybuilders generally does not work for the average person. Why? Fitness nuts… always eat clean, never miss a workout, and after years of doing this, their metabolism, hormone levels and muscle fuel needs have changed. They are efficient and have been programed to send nutrients to the muscles instead of fat deposits. If that lifestyle doesn’t reflect your own, then you will not experience the same results. So what do the rest of us do? Develop a personalized eating and exercise lifestyle.
  You have to build your metabolism and constantly stress your muscles; frequency in nutrition and exercise is the key component. If you are not frequent and your body for 10 years has been programed to store fat, just because you work-out occasionally and eat a little better will not get you very far. It takes time. I will gradually guide you in this life style change.

Variety in your exercise is KEY.
Your success is my number one priority.